About the CoolHub Team

  • Carl

    Dr. Carl Heine, Director of CoolHub and Entrepreneurship, has worked on CoolHub.IMSA and the Mentor Matching Engine since its inception, developing strategic goals into effective virtual and physical spaces for innovation and collaboration. He also directs the TALENT entrepreneurship program. Prior to this work, Carl directed the 21st Century Information Fluency Project and the Illinois International Career Academy, both at IMSA. Before coming to IMSA in 2001, he managed the Center for Youth Education at the College of DuPage. At the University of Chicago he earned his doctorate in education, studying the effects of instructional practices on motivation and achievement. He enjoys creating multimedia applications for learning, synthesizing a range of prior work experiences as a teacher, curriculum developer, composer, set designer, stage director and web animator. Carl co-authored a book on information literacy with Dennis O'Connor entitled "Teaching Information Fluency" (Scarecrow Press,2014) and a chapter on Teens Creating Technology with Jim Gerry for the second Handbook of Secondary Education (Prufrock, 2015).