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An Easy Way to Manage your Files in CoolHub

liferay syncLiferay Sync is free software that works a lot like Dropbox for CoolHub. With Liferay Sync installed, you can drag and drop files into and out of folders in your CoolHub projects without having first to log in to CoolHub. This saves a number of clicks and enables more powerful document and folder control. For example, upload files in folders nested within folders and the folder hierarchy is preserved--this is not possible using the standard Library tools.

Who should use this? Anyone who uploads multiple files to Liferay. You can also drag and drop files to new folders, create and delete folders, all with just a mouse click.

Download the software from Liferay. This requires setting up an account (one time only) on Liferay. Once the software is downloaded and installed, you can set up your preferences by launching the application and setting preferences to include your CoolHub username and password. You can choose which projects to sync (you have to be a member of the projects). When you start the application from then on, it logs you into CoolHub in the background. Open the Sync folder and get to work.

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