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CoolHub EOS Notice

CoolHub is transitioning to the Mentor Matching Engine on a new platform:

Starting July 1, 2015, members will no longer be able to start new CoolHub projects or invite friends to projects. Projects on will be accessible and functional through June 30, 2016.

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CoolHub.IMSA is IMSA’s online platform for collaborative innovation in STEM teaching and learning. Envisioned as an experimental space for innovation, CoolHub has provided thousands of members a project-based experience for problem solving, curriculum development and team communications. Today, there are over 3,500 members and almost 650 projects on CoolHub.

Mentor Matching Engine projects represent our area of largest growth. This part of the platform connects teachers, high school students and mentors for secure, online mentoring and inquiry. Of all the CoolHub experiments, this one demonstrates the greatest need and potential for sustained growth.

Looking ahead, the Mentor Matching Engine (MME) is the target for further development, including creating a customized platform for its operation. To this point, the MME has co-existed with CoolHub on IMSA’s Liferay platform. Now it needs its own environment. Existing MME members will notice improvements starting fall of 2015. If you or your school has an interest in participating in MME, contact Emily Cooper at ISTC for more information.

Existing members of CoolHub projects, other than MME, will continue to have access to all CoolHub features except new project creation, new member invitations and video conferencing. All project information, including libraries and other created content, will remain secure and available.  As a safeguard, you should make a back-up copy of your content, as IMSA is not providing further development of Coolhub. Here’s a partial list of the CoolHub features that will continue to be supported for free:

  • All existing projects (e.g., TALENT, Illinois Mathematics and Science Partnership NGSS Lesson Repository, hundreds more…)
  • Blogs, forums, calendars, libraries, galleries, wikis and similar portlets will continue to be available
  • Layouts, look and feel can be adapted by project owners

These services will no longer be supported:

  • Project creation
  • Member invitation
  • Video conferencing—in place of Adobe Connect or Fuze, we recommend using Skype or Google Hangouts for Web conferencing
  • Help desk—automated services will continue to function (e.g., password recovery), but requests for online help or project development will no longer be supported
  • Underage membership (permission no longer granted)
  • Upgrades to new versions of Liferay—CoolHub will continue to operate at its present level of service as of June 30, 2015. No additional features will be added other than what is already available.

Thank you for your membership and participation in CoolHub!  If you have questions or concerns what this means for your project(s) direct all inquiries to Carl Heine,