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IMSA Meetup at 1871: The Full Spectrum

Today's first IMSA Meetup at 1871 has attracted an amazing group of alumni, students and staff, a microcosm of 1871 culture and practice. Organized by Melvin Bacani ('90) and James Valadez ('99) with help from Alumni Relations, the IMSA room and hallway are filled with recent graduates, not-so-recent grads, interns, new startups, job seekers, mentors and investors. Literally, the entire entrepreneurship pipeline, IMSA's vision for joining 1871, is represented.

For some, the meeting is an introduction to 1871. For others, it's an opportunity to give their elevator pitch, share business cards and make appointments. Speaking only for myself, I meet Reggie ('02), an attorney involved in mergers and acquisitions who is interested becoming involved in a TALENT Monday Night Live session on "legal stuff every entrepreneur needs to know." I promise to connect Paul ('89) a leader of a new media marketing team with businesses involved in the formation of Matter, the new healthcare incubator going in down the hall from 1871. I help connect Brandon ('04) who is heading up a new startup with Moises, a TALENT board member--who is passing by in the hallway--to learn more about financing a business. I listen as Ravi ('09) and Tom ('09) (they are now members at 1871 with their start up Study Cloud) and Milosz ('14) exchange business cards with the latter's promise to introduce Study Cloud to a new college out east this fall. I get ideas from Andrew ('14) one of our TechStars interns for new ways to engage IMSA students in TALENT teams this year (I'm thinking this could be new programming for the Innovation Hub). There's more. All together, it's a week's worth of work in 90 minutes.

Life at 1871 tends to move quickly; things come together. I'm pumped.

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