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IMSA's Summer Presence at 1871

Today was the second time in a week I was at 1871. From an IMSA perspective, I was not alone. There is a significant IMSA presence at 1871 this summer. Most of the students and alumni are interning with businesses. Here are the individuals I saw today.

  • Andrew Kuznetsov - interning at TechStars
  • Brendan Batliner - interning at TechStars
  • Advith Chelikani - interning at CityScan
  • Sagar Punhani - interning at CityScan
  • Arthur Li - interning with Magna Real Estate Ventures
  • Ravi Pilla - Study Cloud. His team now has a membership at 1871.
  • Ryan Eberhardt - working with Navier (Josh Metnick)
  • Eric Hennenfent - working with Navier
  • David Casem - his start up, Telnyx, is a new TechStars business
  • Jessica Droste Yagan - director of Impact engine
  • Melvin Bacani - IMSA alumni association and developer for the MME/CoolHub project

I understand that Joanne Kwak is down here as well, working with Structure.PM and Lydia Stone is interning with SageCorp!

I'm sure I missed some. Pretty good for a few hours on site, though.


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