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IMSA's TALENT teams Pitch at 1871

Monday, March 10th is the Prelim Round for Power Pitch at 1871. The Sixth Annual Power Pitch Contest kicks off at 6 pm in the 1871 Auditorium. Each of the twenty-three teams presents a 60-second elevator pitch followed by a science fair style event where the audience and judges can visit displays to learn more about exciting new tech businesses from their creators. The event if open to the public and free. Over 15 judges from leading startups and businesses will be on hand to evaluate business models. The audience also gets a vote. The "audience favorite" is automoatically included in the Finals held on April 29, again at 1981. Judges will choose five additional teams to participate in the Finals. TALENT, sponsored by the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, is an extracurricular program that is open to high school students around the state who want to start up a business. TALENT maintains several projects in CoolHub.

If you want to attend the Prelims, let us know by signing up here.

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