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Now getting into 3D flying

It has been a while since I updated the page, so i'm due.  I have spent the past 3 years learning how to fly 3D.  I believe that I would become a better pilot by attempting 3D flying, but wasn't sure why.  Now I know more and have learned that most 3D flight is done while the plane is in a stall.  Thus, one learns how to control planes in a stall and boy does this make you a better pilot.  Now when flying my ealrer trainers or scale planes I find that my new skills really show up. 

3D flying is a challenge, which I enjoy as I tend to love learning.  However, I got back into the regular crashing that I had overcome with trainer and scale planes.  All of my repair skills paid off as I am often able to repair after a crash and get back into the air.  This is also the reason I have stayed with foam planes as they are much easier to repair.  I used the Techone planes to learn 3D, as they are designed for this and perform maneuvers slowly compared to other planes.  I also like the Techone stuff because you can get the kits for fairly little money and just reuse the hardware from the crashed beyond re-use plane. I am on my fourth one after three years.  I can finally say that I can hover the Techone planes.  I guess I really am making progress. 

Anyway, I have much more to share from what I have learned.  More on this will come.  One thing I want to mention now is that I just recently got into the Frsky Taranis transmitter and I love it. I highly recommend spending the money for one of these beauties.


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