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CoolHub.IMSA is an online network for collaborative innovation in STEM teaching and learning. Network members have access to a broad array of interesting projects and powerful tools for designing new approaches to instruction and learning, research and personalized inquiry. If you are not a member, there are still cool things to explore.

CoolHub Blog features news about Projects and the CoolHub platform. Read the Blog.

Projects Collaborative projects are the heart and essence of CoolHub.IMSA. Projects are initiated by members and typically open to anyone in the network who would like to be involved. Explore new projects here.

Public Pages consists of a large number of public project pages, including blogs, are available by searching this site.  For example, explore the home pages of the TALENT project.

CoolHub Communication and Productivity Tools

Information about Video Conferencing, Web 2.0 tools and other applications to facilitate communication and productivity is provided at these links:

CoolHub Tools and Applications Glossary

Sample Projects Examples of CoolHub Projects and their use of Applications

CoolHub or Moodle? Choose the Right Tool

video link Introduction to Collaborative Innovation and Four Early CoolHub Projects


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