Getting Started

Once your account has been created, either by invitation or submitting a request for membership, you will have access to all Open Projects in CoolHub.IMSA.  You may also find Restricted Projects which you may request permission to join--these projects are often collaborations by teams working with sensitive information.

Questions about the Account Creation Process? Click Here.

Read the CoolHub Blog to catch up on the latest news.  In particular, read Finding Your Way.

Explore the list of projects to find one that matches your interests. Click Join to get involved as an active participant. Merely observing what's going on is not the best way to use CoolHub.IMSA. Discover the rich potential of this place by sharing your perspectives and working with others on solutions to problems.

If you don't see a project here that interests you, start one that does. Make it an Open Project to attract collaborators. The tools to start a successful project are contained in the Members Area.

Projects often start this way: 

1. You have an idea to develop or problem to study/solve.
2. You describe what this is and use that in the Project description. You set some goals.
3. If there are interested individuals to invite to the project, invite them using the Invitiation Portlet that is part of every new Project.
4. You can blog about the project using the Project Blog. You can also use facebook, twitter, linked in, etc. to generate interest in finding others to work on the topic.
5. Use the tools in CoolHub to communicate and collaborate with others in the Project space.
6. Publish your progress, findings, decisions using Project tools such as blogs, wikis, shared documents, etc.

That's the general pattern. For specific help, get in touch with us at


There's virtually no limit to the types of projects that can thrive here. The purpose of CoolHub.IMSA is to re-imagine the way subjects and content are taught and learned. There is room to explore what it's like to work together regardless of traditional roles. You may be a 15-year old programmer who is working side-by-side with industry experts developing new approaches to online gaming. You may be a career researcher who wants to see how online communities evolve. You may be a parent who has an idea to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. These roles do not need to matter.

Educators may find many different uses for CoolHub.IMSA in their schools: as a hub for a classroom project, as a means to link classrooms around the globe, as a link between experts and students,  as a resource for home schooling, gifted education and differentiated learning.

Imagine the possibilities.