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Artificial Intelligence to Increase Productivity and Effectiveness of Insulin Pumps for Diabetics 3 computer science biology medicine and health sciences Request Membership
Apps for Education
Ideas for Education Applications to be Developed
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App project
-calenders/ reminders placed in by the users for their medicine and surgery dates *medicine doses (amounts), and times *gives the user the ability to place in an order for more medicine when running low -keep medical info in one app so its easier to access. *have memos sent tot the doctors in-case anything changes with the users dosage -the storage of personal medical document *this would include shot records, birth certificates, and other papers that might be harder to find. -a way for doctors and patients to communicate with each other quickly *Ideal 1 hours to the most * wi-fi based messaging -ask the doctor section *contact the doctor about the severity of something they might have waken up with, or noticed they've had for a while. -alert button that allow the user to immediately send an automated message to 911
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Antibacterial Soap
A Mentor Matching Engine Project
3 biology Request Membership
Anti-Virus Program Effectiveness
A Mentor Matching Engine Project
4 other computer science Request Membership
Alumni Development
Project for alumni to share their work and thoughts on CoolHub configuration and development.
5 Request Membership
Allen - Shaken Baby Syndrome 3 biology medicine and health sciences Request Membership
Aidan Gaskin Research Project 1 2 earth science behavioral and social sciences Request Membership
Affects of emotions on stress 2 biology medicine and health sciences Request Membership
Aerogels effect on the nitrogen concentration in the soil 2 biochemistry biology environmental science Request Membership
Advanced Placement World History
J. Sterling Morton's Advanced Placement World History is a full year course offered for 9th grade students in the Social Science Department. Curriculum aligns with the College Board's requirements for the course, and all students are expected to take the summative AP World History Exam in the second week of May.
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Advanced Computing Association
The Advanced Computing Association is a group of students whose goal is to provide both computational resources and education to the IMSA student body. We will do so with out cluster of dedicated servers and a series of educational workshops throughout the year.
4 computers networking Request Membership
Ads for a better Earth 5 behavioral and social sciences electrical sociology psychology Request Membership
Accessible Area App 11 computer science Request Membership
A Novel Approach to Improving Drought Tolerance: The Effects of Biochar on Crop Yield 2 biology botany Request Membership
A car that use solar energy
A Mentor Matching Engine Project
4 mechanical electrical Request Membership
3D Scanner 4 computer science mechanical electrical Request Membership
2015 Geology Research Project Tim S. 2 earth science geology Request Membership
1871 Project
Developing strategies to maximize IMSA's membership in 1871
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Showing 641 - 659 of 659 results.
of 33