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Urban Ecology: Gardening 5 biology botany environmental science Request Membership
Use of renewable sources of energy as solution to power crisis 2 biology Request Membership
Using Quantum Computing to Find Efficient Classical Solutions to Problems 4 mathematics computer science Request Membership
Using voice commands to move pieces on a chessboard 3 other computer science physics Request Membership
UV Radiation 4 physics biology environmental science Request Membership
Venegas - Formaldehyde in Straightening Hair Products. 3 organic chemistry Request Membership
Vernier Lab Quest: Conductivity of Solutions
Testing the effect of solution concentration on conductivity using Vernier Lab Quest.
1 Request Membership
Versatile Inline Skates 4 mathematics physics mechanical material science Request Membership
Viability of Water Purification Processes 2 Request Membership
Viral Involvement 4 biology cellular and molecular medicine and health sciences microbiology Request Membership
Virtualization throughout Schools
Virtualizing the network that many schools operate on. This will advocate a faster transmission of data between students and teachers. Also, many of the technical problems that come about from lack of user knowledge will be solved due to a more connective network.
4 virtualization computing Join
Vision and Eye Health 3 biology medicine and health sciences Request Membership
Volunteer Service App 9 entrepreneurship computer science consumer science Request Membership
Water Filtration with the Use of Plant Xylem 4 earth science Request Membership
Water Flitering Design 8 earth science mathematics mechanical behavioral and social sciences biology environmental science medicine and health sciences material science economics Request Membership
Water Purification Methods 2 biochemistry biology medicine and health sciences microbiology Request Membership
West Real World Design Challenge
Davenport West High school students design a LSA (Light Sport Aircraft)!
6 rwdc real world design challenge west Join
Western Illinois University - I-STEM for Middle School
IMSP WIP-5 project at Western Illinois University
2 imsp msp ngss nrc Request Membership
What is the best lacrosse stick 4 physics material science Request Membership
What kind of effects would a large scale earthquake have on park ridge 2 earth science geology Request Membership
Showing 621 - 640 of 659 results.
of 33