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International Water Filtration Project

International Water Filtration project

International Water Filtration Project

Build water filtration systems based on chemical and/or physical configurations with applications related to environmental remediation and/or purification systems to generate clean drinking water in remote areas of the world. Filtration systems will be evaluated based on abilities to filter out known analytes/contaminants that can also be tested with routine instrumentation such as visible spectrometers.

Type: Restricted [contact Mitch Bieniek]
Launched: October 2011
Stage: Completed
Members: 29
Tags: Chemistry, Environment, Engineering, International, China, IMSA

Robotics 2012

robotics 2012

Robotics 2012

Titan Robotics meets year-round to collaborate on technological innovations. In the first semester, they work on pre-season activities, focusing on advancing the human condition. Beginning with Intersession week, the team moves into the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) season, which is a six week rush to design and build a robot that answers the FRC challenge.

Type: Restricted [contact Jim Gerry]
Launched: August 2011
Stage: Completed
Members: 90
Tags: Engineering, Robotics, Computer Science, Programming, FIRST

CADHA Project

global science seminars


A FUND TO FIGHT ORPHAN DISEASES "If we do what we know and feel is right, it is bound to happen that among our graduates there will numbered scientists, engineers, and those who go on to earn degrees in law and letters. There are likely to be those few who create new intellectual worlds, cure a dreaded human ailment or in some other way significantly influence life on our planet. Our philosophy will be to treat our charges as if each one is capable of this extraordinary achievement." Dr. Leon Lederman

Type: Open
Launched: December 2011
Stage: 2
Members: 4
Tags: Medical Research, Fundraising

IMSA Fusion Express

global science seminars

IMSA Fusion Express

FUSION Express is designed to enhance students' problem solving skills and team work. This lesson specifically focuses on the understanding of package design: planning, construction, testing and evaluation. Students play the role of "engineers" as they design and safely ship a package.

Type: Restricted [IMSA Fusion Schools]

Launched: November 2011
Stage: Completed
Members: 28
Tags: Engineering, IMSA Fusion

Global Science Seminars



global science seminars

Global Science Seminars
This project connects scientsts from institutions such as the Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium and the Dunes National Lakeshore with students and students with students based on topics of common scientific interest. The theme this spring is Biodiversity.


Type: Open
Launched: April 2010
Stage: Completed
Members: 48
Tags: Biology, Biodiversity, School Webinars, Meet-the-Scientist

United Nations of Youth Project

United Nations of Youth
The United Nations of Youth (UNY) is an international organization founded in 2010 that aims to ultimately achieve world peace through the unified, collaborative efforts of the world's youth. Participating schools include the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China (China)and the Korea Science Academy (South Korea)

Type: Restricted
Launched: November 2010
Stage: Completed
Members: 36
Tags: Education, Teaching, Learning, Best Practices, Policy

Information Fluency Project

project 3

Information Fluency
The goal of Information Fluency is to help students and educators locate, evaluate and use digital information efficiently, effectively and ethically. Active projects include assessment item review and testing, resources catalog and discussion of best practices.

Type: Open
Launched: May 2010
Stage: 5
Members: 26
Tags: Information Literacy, Curriculum, Assessment

IBIO TS3 Project

project 1

iBio TS3
TalentSparks! workshops help teachers develop skills in biotechnology through hands-on activities. Through exciting tours and presentations by Illinois industry, TalentSparks! workshops provide visibility to potential career opportunities available in the sciences, which teachers can share with their students.

Type: Restricted, Contact Karen Lindebrekke 
Launched: June 2011
Stage: 2
Members: 35
Tags: Biology, Health, Professional Development, Illinois

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