Setting Up An Account

Creating an account in CoolHub is possible only by invitation. 

There are two ways invitations are sent:

Any CoolHub member may use the Invite Portlet Account Creation Process

  • Every project in CoolHub has an Invite Portlet in the Members Area. Using this application invites a non-member to establish an account and join that project.
  • The Invite portlet found on the Members Home Page may be used to invite a person to CoolHub without joining a specific project.

Any interested non-member may use the Request an Account form to submit an application to CoolHub administrators.

  • This request form is found here

This open invitation policy means that members are encouraged to invite people they trust. The community is responsible to report activities by members that violate the terms of use. A record of "who invited whom" is available to CoolHub administrators.

Editing Your Account

Once you've set up an account, you may access it by clicking on your user name in the upper left corner of the CoolHub window.  This is where you can change information, change your password and select other options for your account.  For instance, if you are an early member of CoolHub, your 'job title' (or occupation) is probably blank. We'd like to know a little more about you.

Other account features include changing a password, uploading a portrait, managing announcements, subscriptions, social media, etc.