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Injecting graph theory into the mathematics curriculum.

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This project is new and is looking for collaborators.

what's next

  • FInd a corps of teachers to implement graph theory lessons in their classrooms.
  • Create new lessons highlighting graph theory and its applications.

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Welcome to Graph Theory for the Working Teacher!

This project was born out of my experiences working with the IMSA Fusion program, in which I would deliver a one-hour math lesson to middle school students visiting my school. Naturally, I chose to conduct my lessons on my favorite branch of mathematics, graph theory. What I have consistently found is that students find graph theory problems exciting and engaging. Unfortunately, most teachers never learn graph theory because it is not a part of more traditional curricula. 

I started this project to demonstrate individual lessons teachers could incorporate in their classrooms. To be practical, I knew that the lessons would have to be linked to the Common Core State Standards. I also know that the lessons would have to have thorough enough "teacher's notes" that the instructor would feel confident in leading his or her class through the material after a careful reading. I sincerely hope I have done both, although I know we will only get better as this project matures.

Please get started by reading the eponymous document (downloads from the Library here) and offering your thoughts!

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