Ways to Use CoolHub

infinityThere are unlimited ways to use CoolHub

Conference and Workshop Presentations

CoolHub is a convenient and easy way to package and deliver a conference presentation or workshop. All the materials can be stored in the site library for participants to download, learning activities can be delivered as Web pages, a Forum can be created to continue discussions after the presentation, links to all the sites used can be bookmarked, videos may be embedded, you may even use Adobe Connect to include remote participants. Example: Google - Feeling Lucky?


Learning Space for a Class or Camp

Organize a unit of instruction using CoolHub. Students or other members of the class, seminar, camp, etc. can interact with a wide range of materials online from one central space. Lay out learning activities or tasks or even days with online instructions and tools to help students interact, upload their work, participate in a poll, work with Google Docs, and much more. Example: Lifecycle of a Business





Mentoring Space

Use the Mentor Matching Engine or set up an independent study project to connect with mentors or students engaging in research or interships. This platform involves a teacher as a supervisor. All mentors go through background checks. Example: Michael's Internship








Department Team Virtual Meeting Space


Need a central location for a team to brainstorm, troubleshoot, share resources and test online prototypes? Start a team Project. Select from tools that include blogs, wikis, message boards, library, gallery, web content pages, social bookmarking. There are dozens of easy-to-install portlets in CoolHub--just drag and drop. Example: Mentor Matching Engine Admin Team






Problem-Solving or Task Space


Have a short- or long-term problem to solve? Invite colleagues to your Project for anytime collaboration. Choose the tools that make the most sense for your project. Ask a facilitator for helpExample: Hinsdale Central Robotics 2014




Web site


Maybe all you want is a Web site to publish your materials or content. You can set it up so visitors can leave comments, Whatever you create on CoolHub is your property. There's no cost for buying a domain name if you use CoolHub. Example:Core Project







Content Delivery and Management


If a Web site is not sufficient for all the content you want to deliver, CoolHub has extensive Library tools to provide searchable and downloadable content on the scale of a repository.  With Liferay Sync, uploading and managing files is as easy as Dropbox











Set up a blog on any STEM topic and build a following. Easy to manage and easy for followers to subscribe. Example: CoolHub Blog





Message Board

Just want to communicate with members, foster conversations and sharing on specific topics? CoolHub message boards may be the forum you need!