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The goal of Information Fluency is to help students and educators locate, evaluate and use digital information efficiently, effectively and ethically.

 stage 5

Our newest set of materials is Information Researcher 4.0 which is being deployed starting May 2012 at Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development online programs. Students enrolled in summer courses are required to complete this tutorial and assessment modules which facilitate development of digital research skills. Similar packages have been shown to be effective in improving students' search and evaluation skills with just a few hours of work.

Licensing for other organizations to use Information Investigator is now available. More information is available at Information Researcher.

Information Fluency plans to use CoolHub.IMSA to provide a forum for educators to improve existing materials and develop new ones.  In fact, several online courses have been tested by media specialists and librarians on this CoolHub site over the past couple of years. These volunteer reviewers provided feedback prior to its release, proving that there is significant interest in the community to collaborate in developing new resources and refining existing ones. Over 40 reviewers participated during May 2012. Due to the fast turn-around time, almost all feedback was submitted by email rather than posted in CoolHub.

This project will continue to yield new and improved resources for teaching and learning information fluency as it applies to STEM subjects and Common Core curricula of elementary and secondary schools.  One of the suggested resources needed is an interactive tutorial to help students become proficient searching federated databases. Another is creating materials suitable for Elementary grades.

Information Fluency Resources

Free Resources (just a sample... more at


Web Site Investigator

Full Circle Resource Kits

Search Challenges

Keyword Challenges

Internet Search Challenge (blog)

Keyword Blog (blog)

Information Fluency on Facebook


Subscriber Resources (fee-based)


Information Fluency Moodle

  • Power Searching in a Web 2.0 World - Facilitated Course
  • Web Site Investigator - Facilitated Course
  • Information Researcher (new, staring summer 2012) - self-paced assessment and tutorials

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We created a series of badges using a Mozilla Badge maker that we can award using Credly.


Mastery Level


Our two highest levels, linked to Information Researcher. Mastery requires a score higher than 80% on the posttest. Wizard requires a score higher than 90% on the same test.








This badge is awarded for a score of 70% or higher on the Information Researcher posttest.



SearchingEvaluationEthical Use

We can link these badges to sets of competencies tied to Digital Information Fluency Standards. Searching: Search Challenges, Evaluation: Evaluation Tutorials, Ethical Use: Plagiarism Dropbox



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