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International Water Filtration Project

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Development of water filtration systems for remote locations with chemical analysis for remediation performance.

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Goals: Build water filtration systems based on chemical and/or physical configurations with applications related to environmental remediation and/or purification systems to generate clean drinking water in remote areas of the world. Filtration systems will be evaluated based on abilities to filter out known analytes/contaminants that can also be tested with routine instrumentation such as visible spectrometers.

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Two presentations posted

Two presentations have been posted into the document library in support of the video confrence on 12/3/11.  There are here:

Biology method and  Activated Sludge Method

Hello All!

This is the first blog post of the year, and there is stll plenty of work needed to get the CoolHub page in a functional state. If you need any help with CoolHub, feel free to email me @



-Mitchell Bieniek

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