TALENT online

TALENT Online is a mentoring program for students who want to explore entrepreneurship and turn their ideas into new businesses

Here's How it Works

Apply for a TALENT Online account by emailing the TALENT office

Once approved, a TALENT Online Project is created for you. This is where you save a lot of your work and interact with mentors. You'll also become a member of the TALENT Online Project where you interact with other students in the online program.

There are Four Series, with a fifth one being planned:

  • Lean Mindset Series
  • Design Thinking Series
  • Business Model Canvas Series
  • Strategy Series (under construction)
  • Pitch Series

Complete each Series to earn a TALENT Entrepreneurship Badge. The best place to start depends on where you are:

If you are looking for an idea, start with the Lean Thinking series. If you already have an idea, start with the Business Model Canvas series. Some activities, especially in the Design Thinking and Business Model Canvas series are best completed with the help of a team.

You are also welcome to participate in TALENT Monday Night Live Programs when we broadcast sessions with special guests. These are published on the TALENT Calendar and require a computer to join a video streaming session.

Visit the Online program here (requires TALENT membership)