How To Play

The game is played by 3 to 6 players in a group. For groups of 4 or more, the number of rounds played is equal to the number of players. Example: four players play a total of 4 rounds, then determine a winner.

A different player serves as the INVESTOR during each round.

For 3 players, deal out 12 bills or tokens* to each player (for 3 players, play 6 rounds--each player will be an investor twice).

  • For 4 players, deal out 8 bills each
  • For 5 players, deal out 10 bills each
  • For 6 players, deal out 12 bills each

Select one player to be the first INVESTOR. The other players will create and pitch a new business idea to the INVESTOR.

The INVESTOR clicks the flipper button above. These are the two terms that each player must incorporate into a new business idea.

The INVESTOR provides 60 seconds (30 seconds for experienced groups) for players to think up, sketch out new ideas.

When ready, one at a time, each player gives his or her pitch. The INVESTOR times the presentations, calling "stop" after 30 seconds.

When all the pitches have been delivered, the INVESTOR turns around to think about which presentation was the strongest or most compelling. The players then have a chance to invest in the pitch they think the INVESTOR will choose. A player may invest in him- or herself. This is the "vultures" part of the game. The investments should not be in view of the INVESTOR--if paper tablets are used (or individual sized white boards), have players put the investments under the player's tablet in whom they want to invest.

The INVESTOR announces the winner and gives to the winner a specified number of bills:

  • For 3 players, the INVESTOR awards 3 of his or her bills to the winner
  • For 4 players, the INVESTOR awards 4 of his or her bills to the winner
  • For 5 players, the INVESTOR awards 5 of his or her bills to the winner
  • For 6 players, the INVESTOR awards 6 of his or her bills to the winner
  • The winner distributes winnings to any player who invested correctly. Return the bill to the player who correctly invested plus one of the bills from the INVESTOR. Any bills invested in other players are removed from the game.
  • After each player has had a turn as INVESTOR (or in the case of 3 players, two turns), play ends. The player with the most bills is the winner.


*Bills or tokens may be anything. Ventures to Vultures bills are available for purchase ($10 for 100 bills) and a complete set of laminated offline playing cards costs $15. For more information, contact the TALENT Office.

sample bill

Investment Bills


Card Backs