Please note: This Project has concluded

The United Nations of Youth (UNY) is an international organization founded in 2010 that aims to ultimately achieve world peace through the unified, collaborative efforts of the world's youth. Currently, we are pursuing creative methods towards education reform through a series of web conferences with top-performing academies across the world, as well as schools in the local community. These academies were selected based on a conjunction of pre-existing ties with IMSA, and overall academic performance of their respective member nations. Each school is represented by a diverse two-person delegation that participates at web conferences, with the mindset of a sustained project.

The ultimate goal of UNY is to identify solutions to common problems in each of our educational systems that lie within our own schools, and adapt them to become implemented in local community schools. In this way, we will draft a white paper with policy recommendations, and plan on creating potential legislature. In the long term, UNY brings together students across continents to establish a long-standing and pragmatic collaborative platform. Our inaugral webconference was held on April 18th (12PM GMT), and featured introductions by each school on the individual delegates and their respective education problems. Future webconferences will focus on the global education problems. The rationale is two-fold: The first is that UNY delegations consist of students, and thus we must first act on the problems of our own backyards. The second is that inadequate education tends to be the underlying catalyst or cause of problems around the world, so resolving the problem of education may lead to solving other problems as well. An agenda can be found in our document library.

On October 14th, the UNY project was presented by IMSA delegates to Peer International Standards Assessment (PISA) director Andreas Schleicher at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. With this honor, we expect to have to engaging conversations with Director Schleicher, and expand the spectrum with which we pursue universal academic excellence. This upcoming academic year brings newer webconferences with a different goal in mind. While the inaugural conference served as an orienteering method for delegates to familiarize themselves with other nation schools, our goals for these webconferences are to create specific and directed discussion with the intent on creating advisable ‘white papers' for our respective legislatures, in addition to implementing our theories in local schools. 

Additionally, we encourage delegates to pursue their own investigation and experimentation via conferences, presentations, or any other means of publication – ultimately self-discovery is the most enriching practice for students. This year's emphasis is upon the introduction of creativity and innovation within a classroom. We believe that starting from a student perspective and working from a bottom-up approach (ie. student-teacher classroom dynamic, followed by higher administrative levels) is unique and offers a different spin to traditional approaches to our education dilemmas. Our conferences will occur about once every three to four weeks, and will be listed in the calendar section as each date is decided.

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